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Bed Liner Prices In Portland Oregon!

Living in Portland Oregon or should I say the Silicon Forest, affords you with many options for protecting your trucks bed. Are you looking to purchase a new truck? Or just a new bed liner for your truck? Either way it is in your best interest to do enough research so you don’t end up purchasing the wrong type of bed liner. I know several people that spent more than double what the should have for a bed liner that actually destroyed their trucks resale value. Don’t let that happen to you.

How Much Will A Bed Liner Cost In Portland?

Today’s truck owner is very distinguished, very knowledgeable, and very resourceful. This makes the typical bed liners of yesterday incredibly unattractive. The “Drop In” bed liners are known to potentially cause unrepairable damage to the trucks finish, because they are loose fitting. This allows dirt and debris to collect underneath the bed liner and it also allows the bed liner to shift back and forth in the trucks box. Eventually the combination of these two issues, will have disastrous consequences to your truck bed. First the trucks protective finish will be wore off, leaving bare exposed metal. Once you add water you will end up with rust. Then this layer of rust will be wore off by the shifting bed liner, in the end you will end up with holes in your trucks bed. A truck bed that looks like Swiss cheese is not only structurally not sound it also looks awful and it makes it hard to haul anything.

The process of installing a “Spray On” bed liner has become more well known too. It seems kind of silly to grind up a trucks finish in order to protect it. Not only is this bed liner the most expensive, it also provides the least amount of dent protection. Another factor that truck owners need to consider today is the average length of ownership, as it is at record levels with no signs of lowering. “Spray On” bed liners are not warrantied against fading which is reported to be a common problem.

There is only one true “Hybrid” bed liner. It is made by Dual Liner bed liner systems and was developed by utilizing “Dual” technologies, and combining them into one. Dual Liner took only the good attributes from each of these technologies and rid there product of all the draw backs associated with them previously. The sidewalls are like a “Drop In” bed liner, but they are separated into 4 panels and each panel follows the precise contour of each specific year make and model of truck going all the way back to 1999 in most cases. This eliminates any potential of chaffing and the tight fit helps to keep dirt and debris from getting behind the exact fit bed liner panels.

Located near the bottom of these panels there is a channel molded into it that receives the Zero Skid Floor. This is not your typical rubber bed mat either, this state of the art Zero Skid Floor is made from incredibly pliable rubber which gives it almost a tacky feel, this ensures your stuff will not slide around in your trucks box. On the under side of this mat there is hundreds of rubber cleats, which keep the mat from laying flat across the trucks finish in the trucks bed. This brilliant cleat design also allows water to drain freely, utilizing the designated, factory designed drain holes.

“Spray On”s” usually run about $100.00 per foot.  So if you have an 8 foot truck bed then you are looking at roughly $800.00. The problem with the “spray on” bed liner is they have a high potential of fading, they easily scratch and they cannot offer much in the way of dent protection. “Drop In’s”  are known to cause more damage to the trucks finish than what it protects. The “Drop In’s” are cheap but they conceal the damage from site until it is way to late. I have even seen holes rusted through that were big enough for tennis balls to fall through.


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Mar 14, 2011
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What is the price for getting a spray in bed liner for my ford ranger

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