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Truck Bed Liners In Portland Oregon

With a lot of trucks being sold in and around the Portland,Oregon area, it is very important to make sure that your new trucks bed is being adequately protected. When it comes to truck bed protection there are a lot of options on the market today, such as paint-on,spray-on,drop-ins,carpets, and the new system called the “Hybrid Bed Liner” by Dualliner Truck Bed Liner Systems. With all those options how do you really know what one’s will offer the best protection for your truck bed. Well we are going to take a look at a few of the bed liners for your truck bed that are on the market today.

Drop-In Bed liners: Drop In bed liners have been protecting truck beds for a long time. A drop in bed liner has always been a fast easy and cheap way to protect your truck bed with out having to spend a lot of money to get protection for your truck bed. Drop in bed liners are great because they are really well suited to with stand heavy impact and prevent damage to your wheel wells and other parts of your truck. The problem with the Drop-in bed liner is that it is a one size fits all so when you buy a drop-in it may fit your truck and many others as well. Some people may think that is a good thing but the problem with that is not being a custom fit to your truck over time the loose bed liner may eventually rub off or wear off your factory paint down to bare metal. When bare metal is exposed to moisture, rust and corrosion can set in very fast and before you know it your drop in bed liner that was supposed to be protecting your truck is actually damaging it. Also when you don’t have a custom fit bed liner you may sometimes lose access to your factory tie-downs and other things that are incorporated in your trucks bed. So before installing a drop in bed liner please remember what those bed liners cause, damage. In the long run you are most likely to spend more after paying dearly to have your trucks box repaired.

Spray-on and Paint-on Bed liners: For many years there has been a big spray-on or spray-in bed liner craze and a lot of those types of bed liners were installed because many people were sick and tired of the everyday drop in bed liner that was doing more damage then good. The spray on bed liner was real popular because it gave a real custom look and you are still able to access your whole truck bed and all the factory tie-downs in it. Most of the time these bed liners are made to with stand a pretty heavy load with out scratching up your truck bed. Down falls of the spray on bed liners  you will really want to be on the look out for. Cost spray on bed liners can range from $500 to $1,000 depending on the size of your truck bed. Also a few other things to know are that when they install your spray-on bed liner they will have to grind down your factory paint. Most people think that is okay because they are covering it with the spray-on but as time goes by and your spray on bed liner starts to chip,crack and or peel away it won’t take long for that bare metal to turn to rust and once that starts it’s all over. Another thing to know is that spray-on bed liners may protect your truck from scratches and scrapes but do not protect your truck bed from impact damage of a heavy item sliding around and banging and denting up your truck bed. Those are all important things to know about a spray on bed liner before you make the choice of a spray on.

Dualliner Truck Bed Liner: A new style truck bed liner called the dualliner takes the best features of a drop-in bed liner and the best features of a spray-on bed liner and a few of it’s own features and dropped all the bad things about the other bed liners to make the ultimate truck bed liner. Real truck bed protection that’s what the dualliner offers with a real life time warranty and it even ships to your door in a box and take one person ten minutes to install. It’s made of five interlocking pieces two side wall protectors a load guard and tail gate protector and a 3/8” zero skid rubber mat. Dualliners Zero-Skid surface is great because when you put your cargo in your truck bed it stays put. Also when your cargo doesn’t move how can you get cargo damage you can’t. So as you can see the dualliner truck bed liner offers all the truck bed protection and features you need to have a perfect looking truck bed for years to come.

After reading about a few of these different types of truck bed liners on the market today you will now be able to decide which is the best bed liner on the market today for you and your truck bed.

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